Site Crusher and Site Lead Machine – WSO

Barry Plaskow and Roger D’s “Site Crusher” is live! (Review to follow)

But to make sure you get all of the bonuses on offer, you have to be quick!

You aren’t just going to get the complete Site Crusher system, which can net you $700+ deals pretty much handsfree.

AND REMOTELY – yes, even overseas clients!

And even if the idea of one on one sales scares you, like it does many offliners

You also get:

The iConsultant PREMIUM WP Theme which will wow your prospects and give YOU MASSIVE credibilty for your business!

I have been negotiating with a designer for my own web site but now (sorry mate) I can save my time and money, cos I will be switching to this theme!

You also get the “Site Crusher Client Theme” to create KILLER sites for your clients…

And you get a developer license all included!

PLUS a live implementation webinar with Barry and Roger


The LinkedIn Client Flood Technique that should be sold as a higher price product on its own!

You will be SHOCKED at how low the price is for all of this, but remember, Barry and the boys are GUERRILLAS! And they know that the best way to build long term business relationships is by massively over-delivering!

But don’t forget – these bonuses have to be limited to maintain the incredible value they offer!

Bonuses? Oh yes, they are already huge, but I am going to add another!

How about I set you up with an extra EXCLUSIVE interview with Barry – If you never heard of him, this guy is a marketing GENIUS – trained personally by the legend himself, Jay Conrad Levinson…

This “Crusher” really stands out because because it can be used by offliners who cannot meet with small businesses in person.

So whether you just lack the confidence for face-to-face contact or if you live way out in the sticks… this will get you new clients!

Heck, I’m been planning to open up my UK-based business to overseas clients and with Site Crusher, I can do just that!

There is an OTO. You don’t need it to make this whole system work, BUT SERIOUSLY, you would be TOTALLY CRAZY to pass it by as it automates the whole process for you :)

Comments Please


  1. Sue Weiss says:

    Many thanks, Dave, for emailing me when Barry & Roger posted this to the WF. The early bird got the worm this time :)

    And I look forward to hearing your latest interview with Barry!

    • Dave Offen says:

      I look forward to it too! I learn so much from Barry in our charts, it really makes me happy that I can share them with everyone!

      BArry will send out a message to everyone on the next few days to let you know when.

      See you there!

  2. Chris Raine says:

    Hi Dave

    I have purchased both the site crusher a site lead upgrade, and believe that there is a lot of value contained……but I have some concerns.

    The videos surrounding the templates are very much rushed through and I believe a little more time could be spent on showing an example of how powerful this template can be, for someone who is very new to using wordpress a little more care and attention would have been useful…..

    For my part a video illustrating themes being used from the start to finish would be a great addition, and points surrounding the use of the FB and mobile options were here again given lip service.

    Roger D on the site crusher videos is shown commenting on what constitutes a site worthy of upgrading and ones that he considers to be either OK or great…. How useful would it be to take one that he considers to be sub par and use it as a test case to illustrate what he would change and what good would look like in comparisson.

    Just think that these are things that would improve the system and would show how you include a call to action on a website and other important factors. this is missing from the course in my opinion and is vital and is detail that is left missing for me!

    Kind Regards

    Chris Raine

    • Dave Offen says:

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your comments.

      I agree that there are a couple of aspects that could be expanded upon to turn this from being great into AMAZING.

      As you probably know, I have direct contact with Barry, so I have passed on your comments to him. Barry is the most upstanding guy I know and I am convinced that he wants to make this the most awesome platform ever. He reads everyones comments and ACTS on them too, so I sure he’ll read yours with great interest and do everything he can to incorporate some of the ideas into the trraining.

      All the best


    • Keyon says:

      Whoa, tinhgs just got a whole lot easier.

    • Chianna says:

      I was so confsued about what to buy, but this makes it understandable.